The Neimah Singers

Selichot 2008

You may need to turn the volume up.


1.  Opening Nigun – 

2.  Einei Chol – 

3.  Chatsi Kaddish – 

4.  Lechu Neranena – 

5.  Eich Niftach Peh – 

6.  El Melech Yosheiv I – 


7.  El Melech Yosheiv II – 


8.  Mochel Avonot – 


9.  Bemotzaei Menicha – 

10.  Derosh Na – 

11.  Zochalim – 

12.  Lishmoa II – 

13.  Lishmoa III – 

14.  Lishmoa IV – 

15.  Retzei Atiratam – 

16.  T’vieinu/Shema Koleinu – 

17.  Al Tashlicheinu – 

18.  Aneinu – 

19.  Shomer Yisrael – 

20.  Final Kaddish – 

21.  Bayom Hahu – 



One thought on “Selichot 2008

  1. Natalie Kehr

    Many years ago I heard your choir in The Queen Elizabeth Hall. It was frustrating. I know nothing about Jewish liturgical music. I read the program notes before the concert but during the actual performance the auditorium was pitch dark and I could not remember anything from the program notes. I wrote to the organisers to point out that during vocal concerts in the Festival Hall the lights are kept on so the audience can follow the words and notes. They said that they would do better next time, but for the next few years they didn’t have another concert with liturgical music, and they eventually stopped sending me their programs.

    Your web site is similarly frustrating. Is there any way you could include the Hebrew text, an English Translation and some notes about where each work appears in the liturgy. At the moment liturgical music is inaccessible to those who are not already immersed in it.

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